Saber Garda Indonesia
Our Company

Saber Garda Indonesia (SGI) is an Indonesian limited liability company with the business registration number 9120400222482 and licensed by the Indonesian National Police as a security services provider. The company is a member of the Indonesian Security Services Business Association (ABUJAPI).

Established in 2018, Saber Garda Indonesia (SGI) provides clients with unparalleled service. This service encompasses the highest standards in personal protection combined with the logistical support and personal care often neglected by other companies in the industry.

Mission success for Saber Garda Indonesia (SGI) means; arriving at the end of an assignment with zero safety infractions, zero security infractions, and our clients completely satisfied with the integrity of our personnel and the service they have received. We can achieve this success through dedicated leadership, experience, and our assembled team of highly trained professionals: contingency planning and crisis management.

We promote and provide our services in collaboration with our sister company, Associated Risk Limited (Seychelles), whose expertise comes from various specialist backgrounds, including the UK’s Maritime Special Forces (Special Boat Service) and elite Royal Marines Commandos.

Together with Associated Risks Limited, it provides regional security service coverage through unique relationships with affiliates in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Ukraine and Afghanistan.

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